August 25, 2016

Download Online WhatsApp for Desktop Computer PC Windows

Are you scouring the Internet to download Whatsapp for desktop PC or WhatsApp in Windows PC application for your business?

Do you want to know more about Whatsapp Marketing before you run Whatsapp on Desktop PC?

Are you tired of encountering counterfeit products and equally shady companies online that promises to solve all your marketing woes?

Are you in search for the best WhatsApp Marketing solution for all your marketing needs?

If you answered yes to any of these, look no further as you have landed to the right place! Well, to be more precise, you have landed to the right page!

We have created and developed the ultimate Whatsapp marketing software for Windows PC as to date. The creation of this Whatsapp in Windows PC rooted from our desire to help solve the problems of business owners, marketers and professionals in the marketing efforts of their products and services through Whatsapp using their personal computer or laptop.

At this point, we assume that you already knew the basics of what Whatsapp marketing is and the impact it could generate in your business. Or at the very least, you already have a grasp on the general concept of what Whatsapp Marketing is and its role in the marketing world.

As compared to its marketing strategy predecessors like email marketing and SMS marketing, Whatsapp marketing has shown little signs of getting obsolete. The continuous rising of Whatsapp users around the world proved that using Whatsapp marketing in a business is a force to be reckoned with. Though there have been other chat messaging applications that rose up in the market such as Viber, Line and many more, Whatsapp remained to be the popular. In fact, ever since its creation and development on 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the number of Whatsapp users has rose up to 900 million as of September 2015, making it the most popular messaging application in the world!

With Whatsapp, business owners, marketers and professionals could now reach out to their prospect and clients more effectively with less amount of cost than the traditional marketing methods. Apart from that, Whatsapp marketing is very easy to do hence whether or not the user is tech savvy, he can utilize this strategy in his marketing efforts of connecting to his audience.

And so regardless of what business you’re in or what industry your business is part of, there is no doubt that Whatsapp Marketing is one formidable Marketing tool in existence nowadays.  

Whatsapp Marketing VS Email marketing and SMS marketing

Essentially, all types of marketing strategy mentioned in this article are used to achieve the following purposes:

  • enhance relationship of business owners, marketers or professionals with their clients
  • encourage customer loyalty and “repeat business”
  • acquire new clients or convince current clients to purchase something immediately
  • other advertisements  

Email Marketing is probably the oldest and traditionally used marketing strategy in promoting business among the three popular digital marketing strategies. In its broadest sense, every email being sent to a current client or prospect client could be considered as email marketing.

Before Whatsapp Marketing, SMS Marketing was popular in the distribution and dissemination of information about different products and services to prospects and clients by business owners, marketers and professionals. By the early years of 2000, this type of marketing became increasingly popular in Europe and some parts of Asia when companies begin to collect cellphone numbers and send off content about their respective products and services.

However, ever since the creation and development of the different chat messaging applications in the Internet such as Whatsapp, the use of SMS marketing has significantly decreased. This is primarily due to the number of disadvantages of SMS marketing over that of other chat messaging applications. And the topmost reason why people switch from SMS to Whatsapp is the “cost efficiency” factor.

Though Whatsapp marketing is somewhat related to SMS marketing in a sense that both type of marketing strategy involves the use of mobile device, the two have number of differences.

  1. In Whatsapp, not only does the user get to send and receive hundreds and thousands of messages across all other Whatsapp users around the world but also the cost involve is lesser compared to that of SMS or text messaging.
  2. Whatsapp does not only support text based messaging platform but also image, video, audio, Vcard and even GPS.
  3. Unlike the character parameter limitation of 160 per message at SMS, Whatsapp allow users to send longer messages.
  4. You can send multitude of messages to other Whatsapp user at any part of the world with no extra cost; unlike SMS where you have to pay additional fee for MMS.

Relatively new challenge about using Whatsapp marketing

As amazing as Whatsapp in mobile is, it has a huge drawback: sending multitude of messages to hundreds and thousands of other Whatsapp users is very tedious and time consuming. For a business owner, marketer or professional, sending different marketing campaigns to hundreds and thousands of other Whatsapp users takes a lot of their time which prevents them from maximizing the use of their time.

As technologically advanced as we are nowadays, most of us lack the patience to go through the tedious process of repeatedly sending campaigns to hundreds and thousands of Whatsapp users around the world with the use of our mobile devices. It is with this primary reason that many Whatsapp Marketing vendor or companies developed Whatsapp Marketing software that will run Whatsapp on desktop PC. With Whatsapp operating via our desktop computers, there is ease of usage because it requires lesser amount of time in contrast with using mobile devices.

Introducing: WhatsApp Bulk Sender for Desktop PC!

What this Whatsapp in Windows PC does:

As previously mentioned, the need for business owners, marketers and professionals for a better and easier way to connect with their clients and prospects inspired the creation of our latest Whatsapp Marketing software for PC. This software allow users to run Whatsapp on desktop PC and initiate the marketing work of sending their marketing campaigns to hundreds and thousands of Whatsapp users across the world with just few clicks of the buttons.

Our Whatsapp in Windows PC Software will enable the user to have ease of sending their marketing campaigns through Windows desktop or Windows PC that is not easily executed through mobile. Basically, it had the same features with that of most Whatsapp marketing software and tool; only this time you get to do it through your computer.

Our software, though not a pioneer in the industry, is the best released so far in terms of the number of features. Apart from the product itself, we will also provide all our client additional perks such as after sales customer support which would greatly help users become more adept in the utilization of the software. That way, we do not only ensure that our product indeed help solve your marketing concerns but we also ensure that we are giving you satisfaction through your feedbacks about our products and services; providing us room for further growth.

All features of this software come with sub-features designed to make your every marketing effort of sending marketing campaigns much easier. Below are the features of our wonderful product that is geared towards making you a formidable ninja marketer:

Numbers Registration & Management Option

This is the section where you can register your Whatsapp channels, Import Whatsapp Bulk Channels, Export Whatsapp Bulk Channel and Check Whatsapp Numbers.

WhatsApp Number Filtration Option

In this section, you could load the CSV/ TXT files, generate number range & filter Whatsapp Numbers and it also includes an export feature.

Send Message Option

Basically, this is the section where you could compose your message, shuffle messages and export list of your messages.

WhatsApp History Option

In this section, you will find delivery report and export messages.

WhatsApp Chat View Option

In this feature, you will find Chat View and list view.

Main Options

You can set your number of messages and program them in particular time of your choosing in this section. Also, this is where you can change the MAC addresses with each channel.

Other features

Our Whatsapp marketing software and tool for desktop have additional features that will be revealed, further explained and demonstrated once purchase was made.

Software Requirements

To fully optimize the user experience of our product, the desktop computer running on Windows 7 must have .Net4 Framework installed on it.

.Net4 Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft and it primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. It includes large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and it provides language inter-operatability across several programming languages. This software framework is intended be used by most new applications that are created for the Windows platform.

Dumbing it down, it simply means that you need to install .Net4 Framework before you could run a new application on your Windows computer.

Do not worry, this software framework is free. You only need to download and install it in your Windows computer. Follow this link (insert link here) to download your free .Net4 framework software.

Moving on…

If you have already installed the required software framework in your windows computer and you are interested to know more about our product, please fill up the form provided below and click send. We will get back to you as promptly as we could.

Witness the product at work

We are thrilled to be releasing this product which we feel confident to be the ultimate solution of your marketing needs. We have been working overtime in perfecting the product because as marketers ourselves, we aim to make things (and life) easier and better.

Witness the magic of our Bulk Whatsapp Software in Windows PC and prepare to have your minds blown!

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