August 25, 2016

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

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Our company is offering the ultimate Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software Tool in the market!

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

Whatsapp Bulk Sender is one of our company’s Whatsapp Marketing Software that allows you to send text messages, images, WhatsApp videos, audio files and vCard with contact information to other Whatsapp registered users in bulk using different WhatsApp Channels.

It is a desktop based Whatsapp Marketing Software that will help you scale your different Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns and reach your targeted audience. It is packed with a lot of functionalities and features that will make your life as a merchant much easier and your business a lot better.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Features

The following are the features of our desktop based Whatsapp marketing software. Categorized according to tabs, the features of this desktop based Whatsapp Marketing software are divided into sub-features that are explained in detail below.

A. Numbers Tab Option

  1. Channel Registration
    This is where you could easily register WhatsApp Numbers/Channels through the Whatsapp Channel/mobile number registration option.
  2. Channel Bulk Import
    This option allows you to directly import Whatsapp Channels in bulks. This function comes in handy when you buy bulk Whatsapp Channels (Format example will be shown as follows: Number, Password, Name)
  3. Channel Bulk Export
    This option will allow you to view, edit, add, export or delete all the available channels included in the software. Channels displayed here come with other details such as date of Channel registration, date of block, last login, and other similar information.
  4. Checking Numbers
    This feature allows you to receive all pending messages found in the inbox of all your WhatsApp Channels. It also allows you to check the delivery report of all your last sent messages in your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns.

B. Filter Tab Option

  1. Load CSV/Text File
    This is where you can import numbers from CSV or TXT file format for filtering.
  2. Range Generator
  • This option allows you to generate series of number from within the software. You do this by adding the beginning of the series you want the software to run & add the total number of volumes you want the software to generate.
  • After that, you can filter the numbers and see which ones are available on WhatsApp. You can further filter those numbers based on the date of their “last seen” on Whatsapp. This way, you are ensured that you are sending messages to only active users on Whatsapp.

      3. Export Feature
           You have the option to export all Whatsapp Registered numbers and save them in another list for your future              Whatsapp marketing campaigns through this option.

C. Send Tab Option

  1. Composer
    This section is where you create your own Whataspp message that could either be text, image, video, and audio, VCard or a combination of any of the aforementioned formats to be sent to a list of numbers you have previously imported through the software.
  2. Shuffle
    This functionality allows you to shuffle the send list so you could send different Marketing Campaign to different Whatsapp users within a short time frame. This is useful especially if you have multiple client campaign to run.
  3. Export
    This option will allow you to export send list that you could use later on.

D. History Tab

  1. Delivery Report
    This is the section where you can instantly check the delivery of messages you have previously send through the send list.
  2. Export
    This allows you to export sent Whatsapp messages campaigns.

E. Chats Tab

  1. Chat View
    This is where you can view all incoming messages which come with details of name and channel number. This is helpful as you can determine what particular channel number to use when you reply to specific messages you received in this section.
  2. List View
    You can see all incoming messages in a “list” format.

F. Options Tab

You can configure required options before starting to use this application through this feature.

What this Whatsapp Marketing Software can do?

Utilizing this bulk Whatsapp software gives you a lot of functionalities that will help you connect with your target audience much better and easier. Aside from that, this Whatsapp marketing software also:

  • Enable you to access any Whatsapp number in a global scale. The power of Whatsapp as a messaging tool enables you to tap on your targeted audience that is located at whatever part of the world. With our bulk Whatsapp Software, you can engage with your audience as efficiently as possible.
  • This Whatsapp Marketing software gives you the ability to send audio, videos, Vcard and images through WhatsApp without additional cost involved. Unlike SMS Messaging that limits your messages to only text, Whatsapp gives you the power to send messages with other formats such as image, video, audio and even Vcard to your target market. This affords you the ability to be more creative in your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns or broadcast messages which in turn will attract your audience to buy or avail your company products amd services.
  • Enable you to receive WhatsApp Replies. This desktop based whatsapp marketing software has the ability to receive Whatsapp replies from your database of prospects that you had sent your Whatsapp marketing campaign messages to. This capability will afford you the chance to determine the effectiveness of you Whatsapp Marketing campaign.
  • This Bulk Whatsapp Software will give you automated Marketing. This bulk Whatsapp software gives you the capability to program your Whatsapp marketing messages to be sent in future-dated time.
  • Utilizing this desktop based Whatsapp Marketing software will help you save money. As Whatsapp enable its users to send multitude of messages to thousands of other Whatsapp users for free, you no longer have to pay for costly advertising fee and other related fees to promote your company products and services.

There’s no mistaking the power you can derive out of utilizing Whatsapp Marketing through using this desktop based Whatsapp Marketing software. Complement this software with our high quality Whatsapp Channels, there is no limit to the reaching potential you could get!

Aside from the obvious benefits that you could get from sending creative Whatsapp marketing campaigns, you could also use our Whatsapp marketing software for practical uses in your everyday business deals such as:

  1. Geo-targeted local marketing
    You can geo-target (specific geography of Whatsapp users that meet your desired target requirements) your audience where you can promote your products and services. Example of this is extracting mobile numbers from specific geography involving real estate owners, doctors, lawyers and other professionals around specific areas to promote your consulting business of website design.
  2. Mobile Application download
    You can send your targeted audience a combination of text and link which when clicked will redirect them to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore and allow them to download the app directly to their smartphones. This will enable you to reach out to targeted demography that you want to have their phones installed with that particular app.
  3. Promote mobile offers
    You can use Whatsapp to run marketing campaigns specifically to promote mobile offers that will help convert to sales.
  4. Promote personalized service
    This is one of the biggest features of Whatsapp marketing which makes it ahead of other type of mobile marketing such as SMS marketing. The ability of Whatsapp to support other platforms like audio, video and image to be combined with text is an effective way to better communicate marketing campaigns to targeted audience.
  5. To save time
    As Whatsapp is basically a mobile app and the messages are therefore categorized as text rather than email, users are more likely to respond and engage with your marketing campaigns. As per research conducted by the wireless association called CTIA, they found out that on average, text messages are read within 90 seconds after being received while emails are around 90 minutes. The difference is glaring and that again put Whatsapp on the lead in terms of effectively reaching out to prospects and clients.

If you’re working in a time sensitive environment where deadlines dominated, our Whatsapp Marketing Software is a great help in conserving your time resource in communicating with your clients and prospects.

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